5 Ways To Get More Instagram Likes

Increasing likes on instagram is an efficient way to promote your brand and

business. These 5 tips are going to let you explore these ways, and achieve

your goal.

Instagram is a famous and commonly used social media platform used as a

marketing tool for people nowadays. Creating an account and posting photos,

videos, and reels is common. It is one of the best social media platforms that

indicates post-performance and gives you an analysis.

Marketers and influencers on Instagram have made a lot of money. It is

essential that if you have not planned a strategy and posted your content, you

will not be able to generate any revenue.

Are you in search of some strategies that would help you to drive traffic to

your Instagram account? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. We

are here to guide you with the perfect strategies and let you gain more likes.

1. Post-Like-based Content

Instagram users frequently engage with content that is focused on deals and

giveaways. Contests are popular among people; the simpler they are to enter,

the more participation you'll get.

You must make an interesting and engaging post to host a like-based photo

contest. Usually, tagging one or more friends and following the account are the

other two basic requirements. Because liking a post is a low barrier to entry,

you should expect a lot of engagement.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a big key to getting more likes on instagram. Use a relevant

hashtag on a post or a reel, and that post will end up on a hashtags page. Users

can also choose to follow hashtags, so your content may end on a stranger’s


Having a better audience means more opportunities to get more likes on your

posts. Here’s a bonus tip for you. Whether you are using #product hashtags,

#seasonal hashtags, or #location hashtags, a general best practice is to keep it

under 11 hashtags per post.

3. Tag Relevant Users

Whether you are tagging a collaborator, a friend, or a childhood hero, patting

someone shows that you value them; you also share that value with your

audience, and it just so happens that that person’s audience sees your post in

the process well. More eyeballs on your post mean more opportunities to get

these lights.

4. Write Compelling Captions

A great caption will add context, personality, and emotion to your post. It will

compel the users to take action. So, don’t rush this part. We tested whether

long or short captions performed better, and the results were noticeable.

Extended captions generate much more engagement.

It is important to note that more than lovely photos and videos are needed to

generate likes. Users want to know the story behind your posts.

5. Run a Like-to-win Contest

Contests on social media take planning and effort. A like-to-win contest is one

of the easiest ways to boost engagement over a brief period. The key is

ensuring that your prize is desirable but specific enough to your brand that you

attract actual fans, not opportunists.

For example, don’t give away cash, iPhones, or trips to Ibiza. Just run a contest

and give away ten thousand dollars worth of prizes for small businesses to get

a social media makeover. This contest works wonders, and drives growth,

reach, and engagement on your account.

Final Thoughts

There you have it!

These 5 tips will help you achieve more likes and comments and ultimately

increase your followers. Getting more likes and followers will help you to

promote your business and brand. Apart from these tips, there is one more

fantastic suggestion for you. VanitySMM.com is an excellent option to increase

the likes on your instagram posts. It offers you affordable packages, choose

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary that using hashtags will always increase the likes. You have

to think a bit more creatively. Simple hashtags will not work, use creative

hashtags that are trending. They would definitely make your post trending.

Can I like my own post on Instagram ?

It’s impossible to like your own post specifically on Instagram. Liking your

own post doesn’t give a green signal.